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    About the

    Kuwait Cardiac Society

Aims of KCS

  • Introduce cardiology specialists in kuwait to establish professional ties.
  • Exchange of scientific knowledge among cardiology professionals. 
  • Encourage scientific research in the field of cardiology.
  • Establish ties with cardiology profesionals across the Arab world.
  • Establish ties and communications with world professional organizations.
  • Increase awareness about heart disease among the general public in Kuwait.
  • First executive board

    First executive board: was elected on January 1,2000. Members were Dr. Mohammad Zubaid (president), Dr. Ibrahim Alrashdan (vice president), Dr. Wafa Rashed (treasurer), Dr. CG Suregh (member) and Dr. Alzok Hasan (member).

  • Second executive board

    Second executive board was elected on June 2, 2002. Members were Dr. Ibrahim Alrashdan (president), Dr. Fawzia Alkandari (vice president), Dr.Raja Dashti (treasurer), Dr. Ali Alsayegh (member), Dr. Mustafa Ridha (member).

  • Third executive board

    was elected on November 27, 2005. Members were Dr. Ibrahim Alrashdan (president), Dr. Fawzia Alkandari (vice president), Dr. Raja Dashti (treasurer), Dr. Ismael Ridha (member), Dr. Mustafa Ridha (member), Dr. Saad Alkandari (member), Dr. Ali Alsayegh (member), Dr. Muath Alanbai (member) and Dr. Khaled Buresly (member).

Governing Body


Elections for the new board were held on April 26, 2016 and the following members were elected.

Mohammad Zubaid - President

Mustafa Ridha - Vice President

Raja Dashti - Treasurer

Mohammad AlJarallah - Board Member

Mousa Akbar - Board Member

Bassam Bulbanat - Board Member

International Activities

Regional Activities

KCS is active on the regional level. It is one of the founders of Gulf Heart Association (GHA). ThreeKCS board members present KCS in the GHA executive board, since it was established in 2004. KCS has arranged two of the GHA annual conferences in 2007 and 2015 in Kuwait.

International Activities

KCS and its members have strong relations with international cardia societies like the European Society of Cardiology and the American College of Cardiology. KCS has arranged for two joint KCS/ESC conferences in November 2012 and October 2015 in Kuwait. Both conferences were well received by the local cardiology community.